What can you do at the end of a beginners course at NedLes? You are able to, among other things…

  • … tell people who you are. You can talk about your family, your hobbies and your job or studies. You understand what Dutch people tell you about their familie, hobbies and job or studies. 
  • … order something at a cafe or restaurant. You can talk about your favourite meal. You can understand a Dutch recipe, for example stamppot or pepernoten.
  • … ask a Dutch person for directions, if Google Maps or you, yourself is lost. You are able to talk about your way to school, or explain to people the way to your house.
  • … tell friends or colleagues on Fridays, about your plans for the weekend. You can suggest to do something together on Saturday night. And on Monday you can talk about what you did.

At NedLes, we have a variety of courses for beginners. Which course is best for you, depends on your wishes and the time you have available.

Click here for an overview of our beginner courses.