12 weeks

tuesday: 09:00-11:30 wednesday: 09:00-11:30 friday: 09:00-11:30

7.5 hours
per week

A2+ => B1

Number of students
4 - 10

€ 1.530 ,-
(90 hour )


intermediate fast – Codeplus 3

Would you like to take your Dutch language skills from A2+ to B1 level in three months? This course is aimed at consolidating what you have learned in an intermediate course and deepening your knowledge. You will learn more about Dutch art and politics, practise discussing and debating issues and expressing an opinion, and much more. The lessons are interactive and challenge students to speak, participate actively and have fun while learning. 

This course is for you if your Dutch is at A2 level or higher, and you want to become even more proficient. Have you completed an intermediate course at NedLes or other language school? And do you want to prepare for the NT2-2 State Exam? Then this course is exactly what you need! You will learn Dutch quickly and correctly in a small group led by an enthusiastic, qualified teacher. 

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This course is taught using the ‘Code Plus 3’ method.

This is a fast course. For most people it is best to follow the Intermediate Daytime Course 3 months – Beginners Standard first. 

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intermediate fast – Codeplus 3
Starting date: 26-01-2021
dinsdag, woensdag, vrijdag | 09:00-11:30
Total price: € 1.530,-
Location: Online

Don't spend time on activities that students can do by themselves at home.

Annelies Braams