Since September 2019 we give courses using The Delft Method, a well-known teaching method developed by Delft University. It is a method to very quickly and naturally learn a language.

Every day, you have an hour of online conversation class. By very careful studying and listening to texts several times, you prepare for the conversation class. In the class, you will also speak with the teacher and your fellow students about the subject of the text. The teacher will mostly act as the conversation moderator. Whilst talking to one another, only words are used that are familiar to the students. This way, you acquire the language in a very natural way.

This method works especially well with higher educated students.

All teachers who teach this method, have done a separate training in Delft so that they have gained the optimal experience for teaching.

We have a variety of courses, varying from very intensive: for 5 weeks, 4 times a week with 2 lessons a day, to extensive: one lesson a day, twice a week.

We have courses at different levels:

  • A0 – A2 (sometimes divided into 2 courses: A0-A1 and A1-A2)
  • A2 – B1
  • B1 – B2