The AKV test will be replaced by language certificates as of January 1, 2024. Until this date, a transitional situation applies in which you can choose to take the AKV test or submit language certificates. A language level has been determined for each professional level:

  • Language level B1: MBO professions (such as MBO nurses)
  • Language level B2: HBO professions (such as physiotherapists, doctor’s assistants, midwives and dental hygienists)
  • Language level B2+: WO professions (such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, psychotherapists, healthcare psychologists and clinical technologists).

A diploma from the State Exam NT2-1 (B1) or the State Exam NT2-2 (B2) is the best proof that you have reached the desired language level. But if you have convincingly proven at NedLes – through our own tests for reading, listening, speaking and writing, after completing a course at NedLes – that you have reached the language level B1 or B2, then the NedLes language certificates for B1 and B2 are valid as well.

If you have successfully completed the Dutch course Nederlands naar perfectie (8 weeks) at NedLes, you can take the B2+ Language Test.

The B2+ language test can currently only be taken at the NedLes location in Amsterdam and takes a total of 4 hours. The test consists of reading, listening, writing (summarizing) and speaking (presenting). The price for the test is € 300.

The language test B2+ is scheduled on these days:

  • Tuesday December 19, 10 am
  • Tuesday February 6, 10 am
  • Tuesday March 26, 10 am

Please register here for the exam

All information about the language certificates as a replacement for the AKV test can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport