Courses for beginners

Learn Dutch at your own pace. We offer Dutch beginner courses at any time of the day.

Dutch Beginners courses

Our Dutch beginner courses are suitable for students with little to no knowledge of Dutch. In a beginners course you will take your Dutch language skills to A2 level, the level required for the Civic Integration Exam.


The Delft method

The method we use for our Dutch courses for beginners is the so called ‘Delft method’ or in Dutch ‘Delftse methode’. This is a unique and straightforward method for learning Dutch at the A2 level, developed by the Delft University of Technology. It focuses on all four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and you will learn 2.000 new words. As one of just a few language schools in the Netherlands we have trained teachers to work with this method.


Find a Dutch beginners course that suits you

Since our students have different schedules and different needs, we offer Dutch beginners courses at various times of the day. Just pick the one that suits your schedule best.

When it comes to the pace of the course, we have a couple of options: we offer a semi-intensive course, an intensive course a crash course and a hybrid weekend course.

Semi-intensive course:

Frequency: 2 times a week, 1 hour per lesson
Duration: 10 weeks
Homework:  6 hours per week
Time of the day: mornings, late afternoons, evenings

Intensive course:

Frequency: 4 times a week, 1 hour per lesson
Duration: 5 weeks
Homework: 12 hours per week
Time of the day: mornings, afternoons, late afternoons

2 week crash course:

Frequency: 5 times a week, 2 times a day, 1 hour per lesson
Duration: 2 weeks
Homework: 30 hours per week
Time of the day: mornings and afternoons

Hybrid weekend course:

Frequency: 3 weekends, 2 hours per day, 1 hour per lesson and one online evening lesson during the week
Duration: 8 weeks
Homework:  5 hours per week
Time of the day: weekend and evening

Which of these Dutch beginners courses is best for me?

Motivated and time on your hands? Take an intensive course or a crash course.

If you’re an experienced language learner looking to learn fast, our intensive course or one of our crash courses could be the perfect choice for you. These courses are demanding and require students to invest a significant amount of time and commitment. The workload, including class hours, is substantial. It’s important to note that these courses are exclusively offered during daytime hours, meaning they’re not be suitable for people with full-time day jobs.

Day job or other obligations? Take our our semi intensive course.

If you would like to take it a bit more slow, then our semi-intensive course is the right option for you. While the course remains challenging and underscores the importance of attending classes and finishing assignments, you’ll also have more time to grasp the material. The study load (including classes) is 10 hours a week, making it manageable alongside a full-time or part-time job. If you want to learn Dutch without directly committing to a (very) intensive program, this course is what you’re looking for.


What is my level after a Dutch beginners course?

Curious to know what you can do after a Dutch course for beginners? Read more here.

" I see NedLes as a warm place, a place to love with different nationalities and Dutch stories."


"I can have a good relationship with teachers"

Mahsa Mashayeghi

The Delft Method

"The teachers at Nedles are authentically driven to help you practice and get it right by being supportive and encouraging."

Bridget Erdmann