Dutch upper advanced courses

Is your Dutch already at the B2 level? NedLes offers upper advanced courses that will allow you to progress to the C1 level. This is the highest language proficiency level, close to the level of fluency of university-level native speakers. We have two courses at this level. A general course “Nederlands naar Perfectie” and a conversation course.

‘Nederlands naar perfectie’

Dutch upper advanced courseOur Upper advanced courses are taught using the ‘Nederlands naar perfectie’ method. Chapters 1 to 4 are covered in the first course. The second course focuses on chapters 5 to 8. Both courses have the same level of difficulty and don’t have to be taken in a specific order.

Note Are you an advanced speaker of Dutch with a medical background? You can make the tests for your B2+ certificates, as a replacement for the AKV-test; please check our page about the B2+ exam for more info.


Advanced Plus – Conversation

Do you have a high level in Dutch but do you still feel like you want to improve your speaking skills? And do you want to start using those sentences Dutch people do, like Je weet maar nooit! Zul je net zien!, Was dat maar waar!I and many many more? Do you want to have conversations about daily topics at a high level? Then this course might be something for you! Before each lesson you listen to a podcast, which is the basis for the conversation. We also use the book koffiepraatjes; 163 general informal dialogues, in the way Dutch people speak about their daily stuff

The course consists of 2 parts; part a and part b. Each part will take 8 weeks. You can take both parts, or only one.

See a list of all our Upper advanced courses here.


"I can have a good relationship with teachers"

Mahsa Mashayeghi

"The teachers are clear and helpful."

Ezgi Yıldız Tekir

"I am glad I chose NedLes. A nice atmosphere with a game at every class, a diversely motivated group of teachers, perfect study programmes and especially small groups of students, where everyone gets the attention they need. Maybe NedLes is even the best Dutch school in Amsterdam!"

Anna Grabetskaia

"I can tell you guys love your job and I feel the energy. I was looking forward to the lessons but also to see you guys."

Andrew Arcilla about his teachers