Intermediate courses at NedLes

For everyone who speaks some Dutch and would like to learn more.

We offer a selection of intermediate courses for students who want to learn Dutch at your own pace.

Do you have little experience learning a second language? Or would you like to learn a language at a relaxed pace? Then we recommend the standard intermediate course. This course consists of three 2.5-hour classes a week. In addition, students are also required to do homework for each class. At the end of this 12-week course, you will have mastered Dutch at the B1 level. Our standard intermediate course is taught using the ‘In zicht’ method.

Are you an experienced language learner and would you like to learn a language fast? Then we recommend our crash courses, which are taught using the ‘Codeplus 3’ or ‘Tweede ronde’ teaching methods. Both courses are designed for university-level or higher vocational-level students with second language learning experience, who want to take their Dutch language skills to the B2 level.

Would you like to focus on speaking? Then check our conversation course.

Do you need help preparing for the Civic Integration Exam or State Exam NT2-1? These upcoming courses are starting soon.


Introduce yourself. What are your hobbies, where do you go to work or school, what does your family look like. In this conversation you also understand what Dutch people tell about their life.

Furthermore, it is also very practical:

Google maps is helpful, but asking for directions is much more fun! You will also be able to explain to others how they can get to your house. For coffee with a cookie. Did you know that coffee with a cookie means you only get one cookie? Go on, laugh about it!

What if you get lost?

You obviously want to be able to order something at a cafe or a restaurant. Or be able to talk about traditional Dutch meals. Maybe even understand the recipe for pepernoten!

'Waiter! Can I have a coke, a whistle and a wine?'

Every culture has their own customs. You will hear more about it! And if you would like to, you can come to the many different activities organised by NedLes. Singing in the pub together, a trip to the museum or into the polder.

Are you in?


Learn Dutch at your own pace. We offer course at any time of the day.