Do you have a busy job or special needs? Then private Dutch lessons – at our school, at your office or online – might be the best option.

Why choose private Dutch lessons?

Customized learning: Private lessons allow for personalized attention, tailored to your learning style and pace. Your teacher can focus on your strengths and weaknesses, adapting the material accordingly.

Flexibility: You can schedule sessions at your convenience, allowing for a more flexible learning experience compared to group classes.

Focused attention: With one-on-one instruction, you get the undivided attention of the teacher, enabling you to ask questions freely and receive immediate feedback.

Accelerated progress: Private lessons often lead to faster progress since the curriculum is designed to meet your specific goals. You can concentrate on areas you find most challenging.

Confidence building: Some learners feel more comfortable practicing a new language in a private setting. This setup allows you to build confidence in speaking and understanding Dutch without the pressure of a larger class.

The price for private lessons is € 90,- per hour