STAP means Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie. It is meant to cover a part of the costs of a course or training programme, to a maximum of € 1000,- per year.

Who is eligible to apply for STAP funding?

  • you are a EU citizen or partner of a EU citizen;
  • you are over the age of 18 and under 67 (you are of working age);
  • you don’t have a loan for study or inburgering;
  • the course or training programme is recognised by the government in the STAP-scholingsregister.

How does it work

  • you register for a course at NedLes. In the registration you mention that you want to apply for STAP budget; 
  • we’ll invite you for an intake, to see if we have the richt course for you;
  • NedLes will provide you a STAP-aanmeldbewijs (a registration paper);
  • you need the STAP-aanmeldbewijs to ask for the STAP budget at the UWV;
  • If you get the STAP budget, the UWV pays maximum of € 1000,- to NedLes
  • are the costs of your course more than € 1000,-? Then you pay the rest of the costs yourself.

The course need to start at least 2 weeks after the application for STAP, and within 3 months.

Next moment to apply

July 1, as from 10 am you can register at the Stap-portaal. To be sure that you have the STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs in time you need to register at NedLes before June 24.

For more information or to apply for the STAP budget, visit

Would you like to use STAP-budget for a course at NedLes? Please register here, and we will contact you.


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