Next moment to apply

July 3, 2023, as from 10 am you can register at the Stap-portaal. To be sure that you have the STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs in time you need to register at NedLes before June 23. Your course must start after August 3 and before November 30.

Only language courses towards B1 or higher are eligible for the STAP-budget. And if you have a DUO loan you cannot use STAP-budget for a Dutch language course.

STAP means Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie. It is meant to cover a part of the costs of a course or training programme, to a maximum of € 1000,- per year.

Who is eligible to apply for STAP funding?

  • You haven’t received STAP budget this calendar year already;
  • you are over the age of 18 and under 67 (you are of working age);
  • you are insured for the national insurance scheme.
  • the course or training programme is recognised by the government in the STAP-scholingsregister.

How does it work

  • you register for a course at NedLes. In the registration you mention that you want to apply for STAP budget; 
  • we’ll invite you for an intake, to see if we have the richt course for you;
  • NedLes will provide you a STAP-aanmeldbewijs (a registration paper);
  • you need the STAP-aanmeldbewijs to ask for the STAP budget at the UWV;
  • If you get the STAP budget, the UWV pays maximum of € 1000,- to NedLes
  • are the costs of your course more than € 1000,-? Then you pay the rest of the costs yourself.

The course need to start at least 1 month after the application for STAP, and within 5 months.

These are the courses you can do with your STAP-budget:


  • B2-C1: Nederlands naar perfectie, volledige cursus, € 855, inclusief boek
  • B2-C1: Nederlands naar perfectie, halve cursus, € 455,- inclusief boek


  • B1-B2: Derde Ronde (B1-B2) € 910,- , inclusief boek
  • B1-B2: Codeplus 4 deel a of deel b (halve cursus) exclusief boek boek € 1080,-
  • B1-B2: Finale (B1-B2), exclusief boek:  € 1620,-


  • Tweede ronde exclusief boek € 1080,-
  • Code+ 3 deel a of deel b (halve cursus)  exclusief boek € 1080,-
  • In zicht, exclusief boek: € 1620,-

Please check our course calendar and register for the course you would like to follow.

For more information or to apply for the STAP budget, visit

Would you like to use STAP-budget for a course at NedLes? Please register for a course, and we will contact you.