Aida Kassaye

Aida Kassaye was born and raised in Amsterdam East and still thinks this is the most beautiful part of Amsterdam. As a child of a Dutch (Limburg) mother and an Ethiopian father, she saw early on what it was like to live in the Netherlands with a different language background.

She studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and then went to work for a foundation where non-native speakers were linked to language buddies. The NT2 field turned out to be really something for her and since 2018 she has been teaching with great pleasure as a certified teacher. Aida loves the interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Aida thinks it is important that learning a language is also fun and uses many additional language games during her lessons. She likes interactive exercises and spends a lot of time on speaking skills.

In her spare time, Aida enjoys traveling, movies and cooking with her friends.