Anne-Marie Rosén

Anne-Marie Rosén came to the Netherlands almost 40 years ago. Just like the students at NedLes she had to learn Dutch from scratch, although as a native speaker of Swedish, she may have had an advantage over most students today. However, she does remember struggling with the Dutch pronunciation and illogical prepositions. Anne-Marie eventually graduated in two Dutch-language degree programmes, cultural anthropology and communication science.

Anne-Marie has been teaching Dutch as a second language for several years now and thoroughly enjoys doing so. As an avid language learner – avid to the point where she is now learning her eight language, Arabic – she believes that speaking perfectly and flawlessly is not the holy grail of language learning. What matters is that students feel at ease, improve a little every day, have confidence in themselves and enjoy the learning process.

In Anne-Marie’s class, students don’t passively take in information but work their socks off. Her lessons are packed with conversation and interactive activities. Anne-Marie uses a blend of external resources, including digital content and materials she makes herself. She also enjoys teaching online courses.