Belle Teunissen

Belle Teunissen has extensive experience in education and has been teaching Dutch as a second language to hundreds of students in Amsterdam since 2007. Belle’s lessons are energetic and creative. What makes her unique as a teacher is her dedication to her students and ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. Belle’s style of teaching is practical and action oriented. She loves using stories, poetry, music and theatre to inspire her students.

Belle graduated with honours from Utrecht University and the University of Seville, specialising in Spanish and intercultural communication. She earned her teaching degree at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to being an NT2 teacher, Belle also works as a career coach and designer of birth announcement cards. She is currently working on her own picture book. To unwind, Belle enjoys Qigong, writing, singing, gardening, travelling and martial arts. Belle lives in the Amsterdam-Noord district with her husband and two young children.