Brigitte van Kaam

Brigitte was born and raised in Germany. She is bilingual: she speaks both German and Dutch as a native.

In Germany she did a general higher vocational teacher training. After her studies, she moved to the Netherlands, where – besides other work – she always taught Dutch and German. Since 2010, she has worked exclusively as a freelance teacher, mainly in adult education.

Over the years, she has gained a lot of teaching experience. In her opinion, the constant motivation of her students is very important, especially by showing them that learning a language is not only a challenge but also can be fun. She is always working on developing herself: “You are never too old to learn,” is one of her life mottos. And: “Only when you dare to make mistakes, you can learn something,” which applies to both herself and her pupils. 

Since Brigitte has loved travelling since she was young, languages have been her passion. She also knew early on that people learn (a language) in different ways. This challenge made her turning her passion into her work. Besides travelling, Brigitte likes to photograph, paint, cook and read.