Céline Linssen

Céline has been an NT2 teacher since 2012. Before that time she has always had (and still does) work related to language. She has written film reviews, done final editing work for magazines and publishing houses, written film scripts and a theater play, written books and made many translations from English, German and French, including a four-part theater production based on the work of Marcel Proust.

Language, in her eyes, is a second home. Or maybe even a first home. You have to feel senang in it (as we say in the Netherlands after the Indonesians). That means: safe, happy, comfortable. That is why she finds it so important teaching the Dutch language to foreigners who live here. Because even though the Dutch like to speak English (very much so!), to really feel at home here you will also have to be able to speak Dutch. Céline is happy to teach you how to build that Dutch language house.