Elise Koolhaas

Elise Koolhaas studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. While  studying, she gave Dutch lessons as a volunteer to Turkish and Moroccan women in  a neighbourhood centre in Amsterdam. She liked it that much, that she decided to  follow a study for teacher in the Dutch language. Already during her studies, she  started to work as a teacher in NT2. She has more than 20 years of experience.  Elise was a teacher for refugees, migrants and foreign students. Recently she started  to work for Nedles. 

Structure and a lot of speaking are main features of the classes of Elise. A good  atmosphere is for her very important: if a student feels at ease, he/she will feel not  afraid to speak. Elise likes the contact with all the different people from diverse  cultures: every class is like a small trip around the world! 

Elise moved from Amsterdam to Zeeland because she wanted to live closer to the  sea and the nature; she also has her desired vegetable garden now. Besides NT2,  travelling and yoga are her passions. She teaches hatha yoga classes to young  adults and adults in the Netherlands, and sometimes, in Africa.