Eva de Jong

Eva de Jong is an NT2 teacher and a copywriter. She has always been fascinated with the Dutch language and learning foreign languages. This fascination led her to study French at the University of Amsterdam, with linguistics as specialisation. She graduated on the topic of second-language acquisition in 2010.

Eva has been teaching Dutch to non-native speakers for more than five years. Her mission as a teacher is to make learning accessible, interesting and fun. What she likes best about her work as an NT2 teacher is the variety of cultures among students. Each student that walks through the door has their own culture and story to share. She teaches the students to speak Dutch and they provide her with a broader perspective on the world. To her, this two-way exchange is a valuable part of the teaching and learning process.

In addition to teaching and writing, Eva enjoys cooking, working out and travelling to far away countries. As a true Dutchie, Eva’s favourite means of transport abroad is the bicycle.