Fleur Daemen

Fleur Daemen began her career as a teacher in 2010, teaching English as a second language in London. Not long after, she also started teaching Dutch courses. While she enjoyed her British adventure, Fleur felt homesick for her family and country and decided to move back after a few years. Fleur enrolled in the Master’s programme Dutch as a Second Language and Multilingualism at the University of Amsterdam, which allowed her to bring depth and breadth to her experience as a teacher.

Fleur enjoys helping people and explaining the ins and outs of Dutch grammar. Her classes are a safe haven for students to practise and a space where no question is off limits. Her students make sure that not one lesson or course is the same, which she loves.

Other than teaching, Fleur is involved in multilingualism projects for primary and secondary school pupils. In her spare time, she loves reading, especially foreign literature and classics. She also enjoys being creative, whether it’s writing stories, drawing or painting cupboards in her home. She likes spending time with her cat Murray, too.