Fouke Jansen

After majoring in French and General Linguistics, Fouke Jansen fell into NT2-education. She is very happy with this, because after 30 years she still enjoys her job. Her work is varied: she writes a lot of teaching material and gives trainings to Dutch and NT2 teachers. In the meantime, she has taught many different groups of students.

She is always fascinated when meeting people from different parts of the world, even countries she may not have heard of before. Additionally, she keeps discovering new things about the Dutch language due to all the questions students ask.

In her student days, Fouke lived in Egypt for a year. During her time there, she experienced what it is like to have to find your place in a culture and society, of which you have yet to learn its language. This is why she wants to use her lessons as a way to help her students build a nice future in the Netherlands for themselves. To do this, it is essential to learn Dutch well, and that is exactly Fouke’s specialty!

In her spare time she likes to go to concerts, theater shows or dance performances. She is also a volunteer at Schoolmaatjes Ons and has recently started learning Syrian. Now she is reminded again how difficult it is to learn a new language.