Hella Jansen

Hella Jansen was born and raised in Amsterdam. She has worked an NT2 teacher for four years.

After grammar school and earning a degree in English literature at VU University Amsterdam, Hella pursued a career in communication, working for a Dutch and later an English publishing firm. She also worked at De Balie debating centre and an environmental organisation. For Hella, retraining as a teacher of Dutch has been a revelation. She now teaches children and non-native adults.

What Hella finds fascinating about teaching Dutch as a second language is that people from all over the world with different backgrounds and experiences come together. Explaining things clearly and a positive atmosphere are central to her teaching. Her students appreciate her personal approach, enthusiasm and patience.

Hella lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two children. She loves travelling, reading, language and talking to people from other countries.

Hella’s tip for people wanting to learn Dutch? Don’t be afraid to speak!