Lidia Barro Kooger

Many years I worked as a legal secretary for several companies. After the birth of my fourth child I decided to continue my studies, my career. In 2012 I completed the HBO education of Sworn translator Spanish. During several years I worked as a translator and I also worked as a teacher of the Spanish language. When Spanish friends often started to asked me if I also wanted to  teach the Dutch language to them, I decided to pick up my study efforts again by doing the post HBO education of NT2 teacher (teacher of Dutch as a second language). I really enjoyed the study. During the education and after completing it, I started working as a NT2 teacher. I enjoy this work that much that I decided to leave my job as a translator.
Not only teaching the language but also comparing together with the students the cultures of the home countries is interesting. As my father is Spanish, my mother Dutch and I grew up in the multicultural suburb of Amsterdam, Bijlmermeer, I have always been in contact with lots of cultural differences. On top of that I lived in Singapore, New York and Madrid. The language itself is also a source of culture differences, the stress of words in sentences, the use of the different tenses etc.
When I am not teaching I love to go for a hike. Long hikes through the dunes and the beach, close to where I am living.