Liuba Veretentseva

Liuba Veretentseva works at NedLes as a teacher and administrative assistant. She is responsible for scheduling courses and ensures that the right teacher is matched to the right course and level. In addition to these duties, Liuba is involved in developing our course program and also teaches courses herself. Her style of teaching is kind and inclusive, with personalized attention for every student. In her lessons, Liuba gives every student the opportunity to speak a lot and ensures that you also create good sentences and learn many new words. She always hopes that every student, just like herself, falls in love with Dutch!

Liuba knows exactly what obstacles can get in the way when learning a new language. Dutch is not her first language! Liuba was born and raised in Russia and studied the Dutch language and Western European and Russian literature in Moscow. Before she started learning Dutch, she didn’t suddenly know where the Netherlands was! And when she first came to Holland, she could already speak B1 Dutch. Fortunately, she immediately fell in love with our country!

In 2020, she obtained her Master’s degree in Dutch as a second language and multilingualism at the University of Amsterdam.  So she definitely knows what it feels like to learn a new language. Learning Dutch is not just about mastering the language, you also need to understand how Dutch people think. In this sense, with every new language you learn, you acquire a new personality and apply a new way of thinking to your life.

At NedLes, Liuba mainly works with the Delft Method, she believes it is the fastest and most efficient method to learn Dutch. And that it is also fun to talk about anything and everything with her students during the lessons! ‘It’s a shame I didn’t know this method when I started learning Dutch! Otherwise, I would definitely choose it!’ – she sometimes says.

Liuba does yoga, dances bachata and tango and enjoys going out with her friends. She loves Russian literature, even though she often doesn’t have enough time to lose herself in a book. She enjoys living in Amsterdam and can tell you a lot about this city. Furthermore, she also loves going on a long cycling holiday in Friesland or Texel and would like one day to have a holiday cottage on the coast of the North Sea. Her sense of direction is not her strongest attribute. Even in her hometown, she gets the direction wrong every time. But she has never lost her way in Amsterdam. For her, Amsterdam is home.