Lobke Timmerman

Lobke Timmerman is a familiar face at NedLes. Language and language learning have always been Lobke’s passion and she feels fortunate to have been able to turn her passion into her career. Lobke holds a degree in Italian language and culture and general linguistics and has been teaching Dutch to non-native speakers since 2008. In her work, she draws on her own experiences learning foreign languages. She understands the joy, but also the frustration of trying to learn a new language. Lobke has a tremendous way of connecting to her students. She is friendly and helpful, and her classes are filled with fun and laughter. Lobke believes that relaxation is the ideal state in which to learn. Because when we laugh, we relax and learning increases!

Lobke is married and lives with her husband and three children in the Amsterdam-Zuidoost district. She loves listening to podcasts, rummaging through charity shops and cooking. When she is not working at NedLes, she enjoys cycling through Amsterdam. With her three children in the cargo box, it never gets boring.