Marita van Rijs

Talk, practice, make mistakes and have fun. Those are the four most important ways to learn in the lessons of Marita. She creates a relaxed atmosphere. She gives you time to think and to speak and she gives you the opportunity to make mistakes. Because that is how you learn.

Grammar is important in her lessons, but language is not only grammar. Language is to find the right words to be able to say what you think and feel, so that you can understand each other. And that’s what it is about in her lessons.

Marita grew up in a little village at the sea and moved to Amsterdam to study. She lives there now since 1977 and she still enjoys to live there. She likes the city as well as nature. Making long walks, and seeking loneliness with her canoe is how she spends her holidays. After teaching she enjoys cooking, reading,  singing and being with her husband, family and friends.