Maud Kortbeek

Maud Kortbeek’s resume as a teacher dates back to 1978. Maud started teaching Dutch to foreigners during her college years in Amsterdam, when she was studying to be a teacher. After years of teaching visual arts and working as a graphic designer, she decided to return to her first love: NT2 education. She enrolled in an NT2 teacher training course at VU University Amsterdam and has been working as a certified NT2 teacher since 2016. Dutch pronunciation is a major component of Maud’s class. Her beautifully designed and super-handy pronunciation cards adorn the walls of every classroom in our school.

Maud makes every effort to connect with her students on a personal level and has a genuine interest in other cultures. This interest stems from her time as an anti-apartheid activist and her years in Tanzania.

Apart from language lessons, Maud teaches a rowing class for beginners. She is also a keen rower herself.