Maya Frijn

Maya Frijn is an NT2 teacher with 25 years of experience under her belt. She trained as a Dutch teacher and studied Dutch at the University of Amsterdam. Maya is also a scriptwriter for Dutch television series such as GTST and Spangas. Her tip: watching these TV shows is a great way to learn Dutch. According to Maya, the advantage of having multiple jobs is that your work never gets boring.

When students say to Maya ‘I’m too old to learn something new’ her response is: ‘You’re never too old!’ In fact, learning new things keeps you active and young at heart. A few years ago, Maya took up a new challenge and became a yoga teacher. So technically, she has three professions.

What Maya loves about teaching is the opportunity to meet different people and learn about different cultures. Being bicultural herself, she believes that having a mixed background can be enriching. The advantage is that you can take good things from each culture and combine them. Maya wants to convey this message to her students. Of course, it’s important to learn the Dutch language and immerse yourself in Dutch culture, but you should also keep what is good from your own culture. It’s part of who you are.