Nathalie Weisz

Nathalie is a teacher and administrative employee at NedLes. She takes care of the planning of new courses, calls new students for intakes and loves being in front of the classroom (or on a screen via Zoom).

When Nathalie moved to Chile in 2018, she felt what it was like to be part of a society without speaking the language well. “It’s a lot of fun to live in another country, but it can be very annoying if you don’t speak the same language as the people around you.” Nathalie started a Spanish course and after a lot of studying she finally spoke the language well. This opened many doors! She got a job and made friends more easily.

“This experience abroad was my motivation!” says Nathalie. After her arrival in the Netherlands, she started studying to become a Dutch teacher, to help newcomers in the Netherlands with the language. This is how Nathalie, after her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, started her master’s in ‘Dutch as a Second Language and Multilingualism’ at the University of Amsterdam.

During her master’s, Nathalie learned about the Delft method. This method aimed at speaking skills really appealed to her and not much later she started an internship at NedLes to learn everything about this beautiful teaching method. NedLes was the perfect place for Nathalie to grow as a teacher. The nice atmosphere at school and all the enthusiastic teachers have taught her a lot. After her internship, Nathalie became one of the permanent teachers at NedLes and she now teaches several Delft lessons per week, both online and offline.

“I love the Delft method! It’s the perfect way to learn a language in a fun and natural way. I enjoy helping students a lot,” says Nathalie. She knows from experience how scary speaking a new language can be, so she believes it is important that her students feel comfortable. Making mistakes? Please! That is a perfect opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

In addition to teaching languages, Nathalie also enjoys learning foreign languages. She is currently learning Arabic. “It’s really nice to be a student myself now! Learning the Arabic language is fun and I now understand the situation of my own students better as well.” It will probably not stop with the Arabic language, because Portuguese and Italian are also on the list of languages she would like to speak well.

In her spare time, Nathalie loves making music, yoga and traveling. The most beautiful trip she made was to the Iguazú Falls in Argentina and Brazil. But actually there is no need to travel. “At NedLes I speak to people from so many different countries every day!” Nathalie enjoys the international environment a lot and she can learn from her students about their cultures and languages. That is what she loves about her job the most.