Nathalie Weisz

Nathalie is a teacher and an administrative employer at NedLes. She takes care of the planning of new courses and teaches Dutch with the Delft Method with lots of joy and passion. She likes to share her love for languages and makes sure that the learning environment in class is motivating and pleasant.
When Nathalie was living in Chile for 1,5 year, she experienced how it is to be part of a society without speaking the language well. After studying a lot she finally spoke Spanish well and this opened a lot of doors for her. This experience motivated her to become a Dutch teacher so that she can help newcomers in the Netherlands with the Dutch language. This is how Nathalie started the masters ‘Dutch as a second language and multilingualism’ at the University of Amsterdam, after her bachelor in cultural anthropology.
In her free time Nathalie also likes to learn foreign languages herself, including Arabic and Portuguese. She also loves yoga, music and traveling. Her most beautiful trip was to the Iguazú waterfalls in Argentina and Brazil.