Omayra Mac Donald

Omayra Mac Donald has always had a huge interest in different languages and cultures. During her high school years, she took final exams in the Spanish language and during her HBO Communication Management and Advice studies (University of Applied Sciences) in Amsterdam, she took an (extra) inter-university course in Caribbean studies in Leiden.

After several years working as a Communications Officer and editor- including a period in Nepal- she discovered the joys of volunteering as a language coach/language buddy (speaking, writing, grammar and pronunciation). This experience eventually prompted her to study to become an NT2 teacher at VU University Amsterdam. As a certified NT2 teacher, she now teaches Delft Method lessons, among others.

Omayra grew up in Dutch and Surinamese culture. As a result, she knows what it is like to be living in two (cultural) worlds at the same time. She gets most energy from sharing language knowledge with course members and learning from each other’s cultural background at the same time.

She is also a big music lover, learns a bit of Japanese, loves reading, practising yoga, travelling, discovering new (and good!) restaurants and watching films.