Peter van IJperen

Peter van IJperen studied sociology in Amsterdam and Berlin. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (University of Amsterdam). Peter has always been passionate about languages and cultures. In 2011, he made the leap to a career in education and moved abroad to teach English and Dutch in Colombia, Bulgaria and Italy.

In 2017, Peter joined the NedLes team. The student-friendly atmosphere and international environment are two things he likes about our school. Students feel at home, which is an important prerequisite for learning a language. Peter’s teaching style can best be described as one that incorporates different teaching methods and online exercises, such as puzzles, quizzes and polls. This makes learning both effective and fun, and ensures his classes are super interactive. Peter also provides training to NT2 teachers on online teaching methods under the name ‘Nomad Teachers’.

Peter’s hobbies are too many to mention but some include Mediterranean languages, Syrian/Jordanian cuisine, African and Brazilian music, DJing, gardening, literature and films from all over the world, a game of Ticket to Ride, and hiking in mountains and forests.