Rosemarijn Franses

Rosemarijn Franses has been a teacher of Dutch for non-native speakers since 2014. She studied Psychology and learned Spanish in her own time. Abroad, she followed many Spanish language courses and became completely enthusiastic about the Dutch language, after which she studied to become a Dutch teacher. From her own experience she knows how difficult but also how much fun it is to learn a new language. To be able to suddenly read in the new language, or to be able to understand people on the street is a very special experience. She would like to pass this pleasure on to her students. The atmosphere in the class is important, trust and feeling comfortable are important elements. Different activities are covered in the lesson, especially aimed at learning to speak. She understands how difficult that is, but with a lot of practice, fun and together, you will see that it becomes easier to learn the language! She wants to help everyone with all the patience and enthusiasm.