Sarah van der Wilden

Ever since I was a young girl, I would teach my English grandfather, who used to live with us, Dutch words. My grandfather was an old man, but he really tried his best especially for his granddaughter. 

After a couple of years studying English language and literature, graduating from Uni with European Studies and several jobs for various companies and institutes, I decided it was time to follow my dream. Teaching. Language teaching.

Since 1999 I teach Dutch as a second language and have never had any regrets. Every student is different and so is every course. All in all, never a dull moment. I simply love languages; Spanish, Italian to name a few. In my classes we laugh a lot together and we joke about our mistakes: it’s a safe place in class.

In my spare time I take out my road bike and enjoy the Dutch scenery around Amsterdam. On holiday we cycle in the hills. Great food and company, a good book or movie also make my day.