Tim Bleeker

Tim Bleeker has been an NT2 teacher for 10 years now. He studied Roman languages and cultures and Spanish in Groningen and Utrecht. After graduating, he taught Spanish and Dutch as a second language. Tim enjoys the dynamics of teaching and interacting with students.

A positive atmosphere is important to Tim. He wants his students to feel comfortable and spends a lot of time in class on speaking activities. After all, a major component to learning is doing, and having fun doing it. Tim makes sure his students are always actively participating and engaged.

Tim is a very energetic person who loves sports and spends much of his free time doing judo, cycle racing, running, kite surfing and hiking in the mountains. He also enjoys music and plays a bit of guitar and piano. In addition to teaching Dutch, he is also a kite surfing instructor. Sign up for his classes and it won’t take you long to see that teaching is in his blood!