Touria Bouhkim

Touria Bouhkim studied Semitic languages and culture and cultural studies at the University of Amsterdam, and philosophy of religion at VU University Amsterdam. She joined NedLes in 2017. In addition to being a teacher, Touria works as a professional lecturer and guide, specialising in art history and history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Many of her interests come together in her work: studying and teaching, transferring knowledge, sharing stories, enjoying art, and above all, meeting people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Touria loves the Dutch language and enjoys passing this love on to other people, using songs, poetry, literature, art and humour. Having learned multiple foreign languages as a child, she can very much relate to the challenges of learning a new language in different stages in life. Besides the difficulties and challenges, she also recalls how proud she felt to be able to express herself in a language that had been a mystery to her previously. As a teacher, she is often moved when she sees her students experience the same process.