Welmoed Nijhout

Welmoed Nijhout is a regular teacher at NedLes and our tower of strength. She grew up in Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, read history at the University of Amsterdam and studied directing at the Netherlands Film Academy. Along her journey, Welmoed discovered that teaching Dutch to non-native speakers is what she loves doing the most. Her past five years as a teacher have been extremely rewarding.

Welmoed is a dedicated teacher who cares about her students. There is nothing more moving and enjoyable to her than interacting with them. Her energy and cheerfulness are infectious and her students love being in her class. Her lessons are filled with playful learning activities, exercises and laughter, making them a beautiful combination of fun and focus.

Welmoed specialises in teaching the examination components ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ (ONA) and ‘Knowledge of Dutch Society’ (KNM), both in a private lesson setting and in group lessons. She is also responsible for course planning and other administrative tasks to keep our language school running smoothly. In her time away from NedLes, she enjoys being outdoors and going for long walks in the country with her two dogs.