test cursomblokken

test cursomblokken

Ammar, Besan en Kevin vertellen hun verhaal

Wat vinden cursisten van NedLes van hun leven in Nederland? Hoe was het voor hen om Nederlands te leren? Is …

Beginnerscursussen bij NedLes

Een beginnerscursus is geschikt voor iedereen die nog geen Nederlands spreekt, of een klein beetje Nederlands spreekt. In een beginnerscursus …

Bezoek aan het Rijksmuseum

Het Rijksmuseum: een museum met een verhaal 19 april 2017  van 13.30 tot 15.30 uur In het Rijksmuseum van Amsterdam …

You obviously want to be able to order something at a cafe or a restaurant. Or be able to talk about traditional Dutch meals. Maybe even understand the recipe for pepernoten!

'Waiter! Can I have a coke, a whistle and a wine?'

"The teachers are very experienced, and classes and homework are more organized. They give homeworks according to the students performance, for example when a student is weak at writing, they give him more writing homework to focus on his weakness."

Mohiman Makali
from Syria

"The Dutch classes themselves are very direct and personal, and the teachers are very dedicated. The subject matter taught in the classes is always intriguing. For example, we’ve talked about the occupation of The Netherlands during the Second World War and the great flood in Zeeland of 1953. To me this is important."

Suzy Andrews
from Great Britain

"When I just got here and sat on the tram, I couldn’t understand the people around me at all. That made me feel very alone. But now I do understand! Thanks to Nedles, I really feel part of the Dutch culture and that makes me very happy."

Suzy Andrews
from Great Britain

"In this course, we had to speak Dutch from day one and we managed to do so fine! The teachers keep us in our bubble of Dutch words we know, and they do that so perfectly, that Dutch feels like my second mother tongue in class."


"Aline Fauquenot was my teacher for the course Staatsexamentraining. She is professional and empathetic. She pays attention to each student. She corrected all of my exercises, plus extra ones, very well and orderly. That was extremely valuable. I learned a lot from her and I am very thankful."

Sanaa Razouk
Dentist from Syria

"We had private lessons to save more time during the coronavirus pandemic in order to achieve our goals. We found it very helpful and we like the learning materials. The teacher is nice and we can learn a lot with her. It was worth the money, because it's professional teaching."

Rehim Shuraihn and Maan Mustafa from Syria

"NedLes is my third language school and, without question, the best. When I don’t understand the meaning of a sentence, my teachers explain it again and again, until I understand. They know the answers to all my questions and their explanations are very clear and helpful."

Oleksandr Pryshchepa
Student from Ukraine

"Two years ago, I studied Dutch at NedLes. At NedLes you can learn Dutch with an efficient method. I had a very good experience with this school and its teachers. There I met sweet Renske, one of the teachers, and she has helped me a lot with tasks that were not part of the course."

Niloofar Zare

"Moreover, I feel this institute as my second home and I would like to be a part of it."

Monzer Hatab

"My goal was to spend less than 30 minutes writing an e-mail. Now it costs me less than 10! Do I still make mistakes? Of course, but it is important that I am now more confident. Thank you so very much!"

Merve Erdogan

"Private lessons are not cheap, but if you are sure that you want to build a career, and a life, in the Netherlands, then it is worth every cent"

Merve Erdogan

"We talk a lot, which is extremely helpful!"

Melika Taherzadeh

"I can have a good relationship with teachers"

Mahsa Mashayeghi

"The classes were really useful and I learned a lot. I’m really happy with Renske! The way she teaches us is very nice. She always tries to make us understand the question, without telling everything in English. So we understand step by step."

Iwap Saputra
Employee at Garantibank

"We are really happy with our partnership. We received very positive feedback about the teachers and the way they communicated with the students. Implementing Dutch courses was also easy. NedLes is very flexible and adapted well to our demands and needs. We will definitely continue the collaboration with NedLes."

Antoine Derouineau
Credit & Collection Manager at Merck

"I am satisfied. A warm and intimate mood with friendly personnel."

Khashayar from Iran

"I am very satisfied, because I had a great teacher. I was taught by Annelies. When I wanted to improve my writing skills she was the first name I thought of."

Merve Erdogan

"I studied with Renske. Renske is an excellent teacher. She is always friendly, and easy to approach. She knew exactly what suited my level en gave my good writing exercises so that I could improve myself step by step."

Merve Erdogan

"It was a bit hard to go back to studying at first. But after only a few days, the magic started to happen: letters turned into words, and words turned into meaning. This is my third week and I’m already feeling confident enough to speak Dutch. I also understand so much more in the Albert Heijn app!"


"First of all, I want to say thank you to this school. Second of all, I am very content with the way I was welcomed here. Thirdly and most importantly: if you are looking for a solid experience with the language, this school is for you because of the beautiful and kind people that work there."


Dutch exercices

"I followed a language course - Examtraining Staatsexamen II - with Aline. It was a great course. Aline has a special way of teaching, I want to thank you and in particular I am thankful for Aline, since I learned a lot from her."

Essam Zerky

"The teachers are clear and helpful."

Ezgi Yıldız Tekir

Nowadays, if I watch a film with Dutch subtitles, I understand the words!"

Ezgi Yıldız Tekir

"10 out of 10. I was very happy with Renske and I am sad it's over. She is amazing, would definitely recommend her!"

Employee at Merck

"I can tell you guys love your job and I feel the energy. I was looking forward to the lessons but also to see you guys."

Andrew Arcilla about his teachers

"The teachers were just eager to teach and therefore I was eager to learn."

Andrew Arcilla