An important question, but a complex one too. Because you do not measure a language level, like how you measure the height of a table. A perfectionist will not want to say anything unless they are sure they are correct, and thus their verbal skills lags behind. Another happily chats on and on and thinks: as long as they understand what I am saying, it’s good enough. Yet another is naturally shy, and afraid to speak.

For some it is nice if the course is not too hard, and others function best when kept on their toes.

However, it is still nice if you somewhat know what your level is. That is why you take two test here. The first is for people who can already speak a little Dutch and are in doubt whether they have A1 or A2. The other one is to see if you have ample A2 level or already B1.

And do you want to know what you can do if you have A2 or B1? Take a look at the description of language levels (

Have fun with the tests!