Amazing results with the Delft Method

In 2019 we were introduced to the Delft Method during a trial lesson at Delft University and we were amazed about how well the students were speaking. We thought it would suit our students at NedLes well, so some of NedLes’ teachers were trained in Delft to teach with this method. We are happy we made this choice, and we even work exclusively with this method for all levels up to A2.

Are you curious to know why we are so enthusiastic about this method, what these classes look like and which different Delft Method courses we offer? Continue reading.

What is the ‘Delft Method’?

A ‘natural’ way of learning a language

This method focuses on speaking and the process of learning the language is in many ways a lot like how children learn a language: based on a lot of repetition and a lot of input and using the language with a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but less and less while continuing.

Using the Delft Method also means that we do not speak explicitly about grammar. We use grammar in every sentence, but we do not speak about the rules. Just like children, our students can acquire grammatical rules and apply them correctly without the teachers explaining them explicitly!

Study in advance, talk in the classroom

Learning a language is not hard, but it is hard work! The Delft Method helps you to work hard: there is a very structured way to study so you always know what to do. Furthermore, the method forces you to study, because if you do not prepare, you won’t be able to speak about the topic that you have studied during class!

And that’s what we do during class: we have a fun and engaging conversation together about the topic of the lesson. From day one we will only speak Dutch during class: not only the teacher, but also the students!


Frequently asked questions about the Delft Method

For which students does this method work best?

For highly educated students who have the discipline to study at home, who are willing to put in a lot of time and energy and who have learned a foreign language before.

Are the lessons online or offline?

Our Delft Method courses are both online and offline. If you prefer to learn Dutch in a classroom, you can join one of our courses in Amsterdam. If it’s more convenient for you to follow the course from the comfort of your own house, from anywhere in the world, you can opt for our online courses.

How intensive are your Delft Method courses?

We have a variety of courses, varying from very intensive (2 weeks, 5 times a week with 2 lessons a day) to semi-intensive (one lesson a day, twice a week).If you want to know all course details for a specific level, please check our calendar. 


Which levels of Delft Method courses do you offer?

We offer courses from beginner level (A0) to advanced level (B2). Not sure which level you’re at? Contact us for a free intake and we are happy to help you pick the right course.


Intermediate Dutch course

"The Delftse methode is simple and ingenious. If you follow the method, you will be surprised how fast you can make conversation in Dutch. Furthermore, the texts are diverse, interesting and funny".

Cosmin from Romania

'I studied with NedLes from A1 to B2. NedLes is a very professional language school. The teachers are passionate about all of the students learning and encourage each one through every lesson, from the most to the least fluent. Dankjewel NedLes!'

Jeremy from Australia

'The Delftse methode is the perfect solution to start speaking Dutch immediately. Super effective and easy!'

Sofia from Russia

'Delftse Methode is fantastic to get confidence at learning Dutch!'

Laura from Colombia

The Delft method was not only sufficient, but effective. The subject matter and learning tools made me feel like I wasn't just learning the language, but that I was learning how to use it for life beyond the classroom.

Sean, South-Africa