Joëtta Zoetelief

Joëtta Zoetelief is a passionate teacher. She grew up in Amsterdam and has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and Master’s degree in international development studies. In her thesis, she explored the topic of intercultural education. Her interest in education led her to train as a teacher herself. Joëtta’s classes are educational, varied and interactive. The atmosphere in her classroom is open, welcoming and relaxed.

Joëtta finds her work as a teacher very fulfilling because she gets to help students reach their language goals and witness them grow as their Dutch improves. She is fascinated by languages in general and believes that intercultural (language) education contributes to building a more just world by promoting inclusion and reducing prejudice and discrimination.

Joëtta has lived in Amsterdam, Melbourne and La Paz. In addition to Dutch, Joëtta speaks English and Spanish fluently. She is also a singer-songwriter. Her hobbies are yoga, reading and travelling.