Nathalie Ruhmann

Nathalie is a real adventurer; when she was 17 she went to America to learn English for 2 years and then she lived in Spain and Mexico for several years to study Spanish and the history of Mexico. She then spent some time as a tour guide in Mexico and Guatemala. 

She also lived in Western Australia for four years, which she really liked but it is too far away from the family. 

She loves learning languages and communicating with locals in their own language. 

She started teaching Spanish fifteen years ago, then she taught English as a foreign language for years and now, for ten years, she has been teaching mainly Dutch to foreigners. She loves meeting all these people in the Netherlands and learning about different languages and cultures. 

She is energetic in her classes and encourages the students to talk a lot, often with quizzes, games and songs. She still really enjoys teaching.

In her spare time she likes to travel, walk and cycle and recently also row, but she still finds that very difficult.